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4 Reasons Why Your Heater Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker

A reliable heater is essential for staying comfortable throughout the winter. Unfortunately, sometimes electric space heaters will trip your circuit breaker, leaving you temporarily without either heat or power. If you’ve noticed this happening in your home, find out what the problem could be and how to resolve it in the guide below. How Heaters...

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How Can I Reduce the Risk of an Electrical Fire?

Electricity is an essential utility in the home. Without it, you wouldn't be able to power appliances and equipment, like refrigerators, TVs, home computers, and more. However, you must ensure your home is properly safeguarded against the risk of electrical fires, which can cause property damage and injuries. Here are a few steps to take...

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4 Benefits of LED Lighting

Most homeowners want to improve their lighting while lowering their electrical bills. Instead of dimming the fixtures or using fewer lights, consider switching to LED or light-emitting diode options. Here is some insight into these innovative electrical solutions and why they’re a great fit for your house. Why Should You Switch to LED Lights? 1....

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your home relies on a sound electrical panel to function properly. If you’ve noticed dimming lights when you turn on devices or the circuit breaker trips frequently. You may have rust and corrosion which causes poor electrical connections, this causes heat, arcing, lights flickering and in extreme conditions a fire. An outdated electric panel doesn’t...

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Three Common Electrical Problems that Can Devalue Your Home

Problems with the electrical system can be frightening for homeowners because they can lead to household electrical fires. Even if the worst-case scenario never comes to pass, issues with a home's electrical service and wiring can devalue the house and may complicate efforts to upgrade appliances. Taking care of your home's electrical service by maintaining...

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Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can be frightening, but most of them have relatively simple solutions. Some electrical issues can be even be fixed by homeowners themselves. Here's what you need to know about troubleshooting common electrical problems. Problem 1: Flickering Lights When Appliances Kick On Lights dim when appliances kick on because the appliances are draining the...

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