Emergency Electrician, Installation, Repair & Maintenance

There are many reasons to hire an electrician when handling the various electrical needs of your home. You may find yourself at the start of a large project such as building a new house, or undergoing a renovation in an older home that requires electrical updating. You may even find yourself needing assistance with circuit breaker rewiring or something that you just do not have the time or expertise to take on. With Patnode Electric, you can be sure we have the most highly trained staff needed to work on any project in your home -- no project is too large or too small; we do it all!

Here are some of the ways Patnode Electric can help combat electrical challenges in your residence:

Going Green
In today’s environmentally conscious world, transitioning to greener technology is a must! Our staff can help you:

  • Convert to LED
  • Upgrade wiring and panel boxes in older homes to better support today’s electronics
  • Help you find ways to lower your electric bills!

Complete Electrical Installation for New Homes
Patnode Electric has over 30 years experience wiring brand new homes and can ensure you are wired with everything you need. Before construction of your new home hits its final stages, give us a call and we can make sure you get what you need out of your new home’s electrical wiring!

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